blading burma 6

What’s best to inaugurate the new start of Oh Bim ! than the last visual slap I took and the occasion to write for the first time about roller ?

The absence of this discipline until now is not due to a lack of consideration, it’s the opposite, but only because of an ease of approach on other thematics. This is pretty paradoxal knowing that the city of Strasbourg (my hometown) and the surrounding areas are full with great athletes, some of whom are among the best of the world. We’ll come back to this point an other time…

What I would like to share with you today is not only a movie. It’s 17 minutes of freshness, sharing, respect but also and mostly humanity. This is the movie Blading Burma, directed by Dom West and produced by Vine St Cinéma. Now the challenge for me is to transcribe you very faithfully the visual and technical quality of this production but also the values that it conveys.

blading burma 1

We find in it Gav Drumm, Joe Atkinson and Mathieu Heinemann in Myanmar, a country also know as Burma. A territory marked by a series of military dictatorship since the begging of the 60’s but who has recently made a transition to a pacifist democracy. The country could seem a little bit hostile, but despite its isolation, a group of rollerbladers was created there and it is to meet them that the tree friends went. Accompanied by the Myanmar Skate Association and Dave Payne, they went to different spots around the country, went to meet locals and shared their experiences.

blading burma 4

Because yes, Gav, Joe and Mathieu have a lot to share! For those who don’t know them yet (I say yet because I hope that after this article you’re gonna watch some of their videos), we can say that they are clearly killers in their field. When Joe Atkinson is not traveling the world, he’s excelling on world’s biggest contest, while Gav Drumm, the Australian, is one of the most talented athlete of his generation and Mathieu Heinemann, is only on of the best riser France has seen!

Which is surprising, without technical talks or the style of each of them is the humanity that emerges, as riders as locals, who seem liberated, really open and who inspire a real purity.

blading burma 5

The magic in this movie is to see those two very different cultures confronted, but only to discover the passion and beauty of sharing.

So yes, I’m gonna use the big words, for me it’s a master-piece! A big congrats to the team, the director and the riders who offered me a spectacle that I can’t rid of!

The only this that I can do is to let you watch the teaser, and if you want to see the rest, it’s on this way (so yes, it costs 10$, but honestly you won’t regret it!)





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